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Kneeling Bridge

The Kneeling Bridge is a safe introductory abdominal strengthening exercise. This exercise is recommended for anyone beginning an exercise program it may also be helpful post pregnancy and with  individuals with lower back pain. A kneeling bridged is a safe beginners movement which can be progressed to standing bridges and kneeling roll aways as core strength develops.

Functional Benefit

The abdominals produce flexion of the spine. They are actively involved in preventing hyperextension or sway back in standing or movement such as running or horizontal bridges. Having an increased lordosis or sway back has detremental effects on other joints of the body. There is an increased pressure on areas of the lower back during movements. The hips will internally rotate increasing pronation, hamstring activity may be reduced and there most likely will be a rounding of the upper back to maintain head positioning. Strengthening the adominals and hamstrings can help prevent excessive sway back

Kneeling Bridge Technique

Technique Tips - Kneeling Bridge

  • Keep your hips in a position that allows a line to be drawn from head, to hips, to knees
  • Keep your hands positioned directly under your nose
  • Lightly draw your naval in and brace your abdominals
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