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Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Hanging Straight Leg Raises strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. This movement places large forces through the shoulder so its important to have enough strength to comfortably perform a chin up before progressing to this movement. Alternatively a safer option for those with shoulder concerns is the hanging bent knee raise. This exercise can also be performed on a specialized machine in the gym that allows the forearms to support the body weight rather then hanging from a bar. This can be used if rotator cuff or shoulder injury prevents you performing the hanging bent knee raises

Functional Benefit

Strengthening of the abdominal muscles is beneficial for correct posture and injury prevention. Hanging Leg Raises develop these muscles to a greater extent then movements like crunches and bridges. The shoulder rotator cuff muscles infraspinatus and in particular subscapularis are active in the extended position. Providing you have pain free shoulders during the chin up your can use hanging leg raises as an advanced shoulder strengthening exercise

Hanging Leg Raises Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Reduce swinging motion as much as possible

Keep legs straight

Crunch with stomach muscles trying to round the lower back as the legs are raised

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