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Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging Knee Raises are an abdominal strengthening exercise. Strength through the rotator cuff muscles and the forearm muscles is also required. This movement is a progression from crunches and swiss ball roll aways. It is considered and intermediate to advanced core exercise. If strength in the shoulders or grip strength prevents you from performing this exercise a machine can be found in most gyms. The machine contains forearm pads to rest the arms on placing the body in a similar position to a dip. 

To build up to hanging knee raises perform the following balanced core circuit. sit ups, single leg bridges, oblique crunches and side bridges

Also ensure the rotator cuffs have adequate strength through lying external shoulder rotations and lateral pulldowns

Functional Benefit

Floor based abdominal exercise develop strength endurance in the abdominal muscles. To increase strength further exercise such as the single arm leg bridge, standing roll aways and hanging knee and straight leg raises are required. If performing sprint based training or olympic style lifting with lots of extension based movements its beneficial to include heavier abdominal strengthening exercises to balance muscle development.

Hanging Knee Raises Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Hanging Knee Raises

Reduce swinging motion by pausing between each repetition

Tuck tail bone under and crunch stomach as the knees are lifted


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