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Nutrition and Weight Loss

Healthy Nutrition is important for many aspects of your life. What you place in your mouth will over time affect other aspects of your health and wellbeing.
Healthy Nutrition entails eating in a balanced way that ensures you receive enough energy to survive.
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Lossing weight can be achieved by following a balanced diet. There are several key principles to learn, and when implimented overtime will result in sustained weight loss. By reducing your energy intake you will limit the amount of energy being stored in body fat. Learn how Wholegrains, fruits and vegetables, energy density, sugar and protein effect your body weight.

Prefer a faster read - Weight loss and Energy Balance Summary

Weight Gain in the form of fat mass causes health problems which can shorten a persons life span. Excess body fat increases the chances of developing Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Joint Conditions. Recommended body weights can be calculated from Waist Girth measurements and Body Mass Index values. These can help the individual indentify an ideal body weight.

Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins are macronutrients that supply the body with the energy needed to survive. All of these macronutrients provide and irreplaceable benefits to ones health and wellbeing. Carbohydrates provide the nervous system with fuels and cannot be easily substituted. Contrary to current trends in marketing, carbohydrates are related to lower body fat levels and improved weight loss when comparing to fat consumption. Fats though help provided needed vitamins and serve to aid in heatlh. The recommended level in which these nutrient should be consumed in........

The Truth about Lemon Detox and Fad Diets

There are diets everywhere you look. These diets focus on superfoods, no foods, Carbs, no Carbs, Powders, Shakes, Herbals you name it. The Lemox Detox Diet is one of these diets that has made its claim to fame. The Detox diet states weigtht losses of 6kg in 10 weeks, along with glowing vitality. Is it possible to lose 6kg in 10 weeks and if so is it healthy to do so. View what the research says on Detox and Fad Diets 

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