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Fitness and Physiology

Aerobic Metabolism and Energy Pathways

Energy can be derived from different pathways based upon the rate of work or exercise being performed. Maximal exercise is dependent upon the Adenosine Triphosphate Phosphocreatine (ATP-PC) system. During moderate intensity interval training or high intensity cardiovascular exercise is derived for Anaerobic Glycolysis. For prolonged exercise energy is created via Aerobic metabolism. In the absence of oxygen the ATP-PC and the Anaerobic Glycolysis systems can produce energy all be it for a short period of time. The Aerobic System though can produce energy for long periods producing little fatigue...more


Aerobic Fitness relates to a persons ability to utilize oxygen. Aerobic fitness can measured and this is done so using a VO2 max test. A high VO2 max test result correlates with lower incidences of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Having a higher aerobic fitness level indicates a improved cardiovascular system along with increased fat buring at different exercise levels. Most likely lower body weights will also be found in those who are of higher aerobic fitness. This all helps prevent disease and increase life expectancy.

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