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Single Leg Jacknife

The Single Leg Jacknifes is a core stability exercise that also requires strength through the hip flexors and rectus femoris (quadriceps) muscle. The Tibialis Anterior (muscle on the front of the shin) is also engaged throughout. Single leg Jacknifes are considerably harder then the two legged variety. Build up to this exercise by practising single leg bridges and jacknifes

Functional Benefit

The Hip flexors and quadriceps are active with double the load being placed through the supporting leg when compared to regular jacknifes. Developing strength and coordination in the Tibialis Anterior muscle is important as it controls foot strike during walking and running and also supports the ankle joint. Single Leg Jacknifes also strengthen the obliques muscle helping to stabilize the core

Single Leg Jacknife Story Board

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Leg Jacknife

  • Straighten your back leg as much as possible in extension
  • Perform the movement slowly focusing on using the obliques and abdominals during tuck phase
  • Keep chest positioned above hands through out 
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