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Bridge Steps

Bridge steps are a slightly more advanced version of the standard bridge. The abdominals are engaged to prevent the lower back arching whilst the activity of the obliques and hip flexors increases as the foot is raised to take the lateral step

Fuctionally the bridge steps have the same benefits of a standard bridge though the added stepping movement may help to encourage correct muscle activation inorder to support the plank position. Muscles of the glutes, adductors and hamstrings must relax to enable leg movement as opposed to bracing with these muscle to support the spine and pelvis

Perform Bridge Steps for an increased challenge over the standard bridge, one advantage is a timing device is not required as you use the number of repetitions rather then time


Technique Tips - Bridge Lateral Steps

  • Keep hips positioned such that a straight line can be drawn from the shoulders to the knees
  • Position your nose over your thumbs
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