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  • Subscapularis
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Lying Internal Shoulder Rotations

Lying External Shoulder rotations strengthen the subscapularis muscle which is an internal shoulder rotator cuff muscle. Rotator cuff muscles are an important aspect of shoulder stability. They provide a force towards the midline of the body which helps hold the humerus (arm bone) in the center of the joint. Including isolation exercises for the rotator cuff can minimize injury risk especially in overhead athletes and athletes who may suffer falls. Internal rotations in a lying position also act as a stretch for the subscapularis similar to the broomstick stretch.  This can be beneficial for those with tight internal rotators and weakened and lengthened external rotators. Generally rotator cuff exercises are performed with lighter weights and introduced steadily as the tendons of these muscles can be easily inflamed.

Perform this exercise with the following  rotator cuff exercises to ensure optimal shoulder function

Shoulder Internal Rotation Weight Recommendations in Kg's
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