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Muscle Groups Stretched

  • Subscapularis

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Broomstick Subscapularis Stretch

Functional Benefit

The Subscapularis is an internal rotator of the upper arm. Tightness of the subscapularis usually coincides with tightness of the pectoral (chest) muscles. This can produce a rounded appearence of the shoulders where by the upper arm is internally rotated and faces the torso. This rounded shoulder position limits shoulder external rotation which affects overhead activities such as shoulder press and chin ups. Balancing range of motion and strength in both internal and external shoulder rotators is important for minimising shoulder injuries. Check your current range of internal and external shoulder rotation and perform stretches where neccesary




Grasp the top of the bar with the hand of the stretching arm. Using the other hand move the bar onto outside of the elbow of the same stretching arm. Using the non-stretching arm pull the bottom of the bar upwards creating a rotation force which externally rotates the stretching arm. The stretch should be felt deep in the shoulder and under the shoulder blade

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