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Theraband Subscaps

Theraband Subscaps develop strength in the subscapularis muscle. The subscapularis muscle is the internal shoulder rotator cuff muscle. The subscapularis is active in throwing motions which is mimicked in the theraband subscaps exercise. Balancing both the strength and the flexibility of the rotator cuff muscles is important. Therefore theraband subscaps should be balanced with lying external shoulder rotations and standing external shoulder rotations.

If the subscapular is tight lying internal shoulder rotations is the best exercise as maximum forces are placed on the subscupularis in the lengthened position. Overhead athletes, and recreational weightlifters would benefit from included exercises for each rotator cuff muscle. Perform;


Technique Tips - Theraband Subscaps

  • Keep your Elbow back and stationary through out the movement
  • Stop 2-5 repetitions before failure or fatigue
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