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  • Deltoid
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Delt Raises

The Deltoid Raise is a Shoulder strengthening exercise focusing on the middle deltoid muscle. Its important to note that the supraspinatus, the rotator cuff muscle on the top of the scapula is active in the initial part of this movement. For this reason using lighter weights is initially recommended. In some individuals overhead activities can cause shoulder impingement. These individuals may benefit from beginning with deltoid raises to strengthen the supraspinatus muscle. Also performing pushing and pulling movements along with posture correction will help progress the shoulder to a point where overhead activities can be resumed

Exercise Technique Tips - Deltoid Raise

Begin the exercise with light weights

Stop the movement when hands reach chin level

At the arms raised position keep wrists pointing down or slightly forward, don't internally rotate arm to point thumbs down

Weight recommendations for 15 repetition Deltoid Raise (kg's)
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