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  • Hip Flexors (Psoas Major, Iliacus)
  • Erector Spinae
  • Deltoids
  • Trapezius

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Seated Overhead Holds

Seated overhead holds are an intermediate to advanced exercise. They develop strength in the hip flexors, erector spinae and lower trapezius muscles. Overhead holds can be used to help teach and develop the flexibility required for overhead squats and the olympic snatch movement. Its essential you have no lower back pain before attempting this movement. Groin flexibility is required to enable anterior pelvic tilt in the seated position. This anterior pelvis tilt enable the lumbar spine to remain flat, rather then tucked or rounded. The lower trapezius which is an important muscle in maintaining upper back posture, is active to pull the sternum up inorder to hold the bar overhead

If your posture prevents you from performing this exercise, continue with groin stretches (seated adductor stretch, standing adductor stretch, lunge adductor stretch) and posture exercises such as prone cobra extensions, prone shoulder press, reverse flys and bent over rows


Technique Tips - Seated Overhead Hold

  • Keep your lower back flat by rotating the pelvis anteriorly
  • Keep your chest up by pulling your sternum towards the sky
  • Keep your hands back and your arms perpendicular to the ground

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