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Powerclean and Press

The Powerclean and Press is also known as the Olympic Clean and Jerk. The Clean and Jerk is is an extension of the Powerclean, it involves an extra pressing of the weight from the cleaned position to the overhead position. As a result the muscles used are very similar, with the clean and jerk requiring added shoulder strength and depending on the pressing movement more Glute (bum muscle) strength. 

With lighter loads the clean and jerk is an anaerobic interval training tool similar to that experienced in swimming, running or rowing intervals. The large amount of muscles used quickly elevate the heart rate and results in overall fatigue.  With lighter loads the press movement can be completed as a shoulder press emphasizing the shoulder strengthening aspect of the movement. Under heavy loads the press movement requires falling below the weight in either a split stance of a overhead squat stance.

The Powerclean and Press is an advanced movement and you must ensure the correct technique can be maintained for the deadlift and squat exercises before progress to this movement

Powercle and press technique
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