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  • Lower Trapezius
  • Obliques

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Thoracic Prisoner Twist

The Thoracic Prisoner Twist is a beginners thorasic mobility exercise with helps to strengthen the muscle associated with thoracic extension. The Thoracic Prisoner Twist is effective for the older individual or those with a excessive kyphotic (hunched) upper back curvature.

The exercise can be used with the Thoracic Mobility ExerciseProne Cobras and the Doorway Stretch as beginner exercises to treat kyphosis. Progress to prone shoulder press, reverse flysProne Y's and straight arm pulldowns as movement improves


Technique Tips - Thoracic Prisoner Twist

  • Keep your lumbar back straight
  • Stick your chest out, it should feel as though someone is pulling your sternum (chest bone) up by a string
  • Keep the swiss ball still and your hips pointing forward
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