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Muscle Groups Stretched

  • Hip Adductors (Adductor Magnus, Longus and Brevis, Gracilis, Pectineus)

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Adductor Stretches

Functional Benefit

The adductor muscles work to bring the thighs together (adduct) and to extend the hip joint. During movements such as squats the adductors may function as an internal hip rotator, as they pull the thighs together. This produces a dipping in of the knees increasing the activation of the lateral thigh muscles (vastus lateralis) and increases the strain on the knee. Over time this can increase the chance of developing patellofemoral pain and iliotibial band pain. Tight adductors similar to tight hamstring muscles prevent anterior pelvic tilt during the squating movement. This can lead to a rounding of the lower back at the bottom of the squat position, this increases the compressive forces on the discs of the lower spine. Stretching the adductors is particularly recommended for those wishing to improve their squat range of motion as well as those suffering from running injuries such as patellofemoral pain or ITB pain. Performing external hip rotation exercises (lying clams) and hip abduction exercise (lying leg abductions and side bride with leg adbuctions) will help strengthen the opposing muscle groups and aid in injury prevention. Adductor lengthening exercise such as side lunges , squats and in particular overhead squats can be used with stretching to effectively lengthen the adductor muscle


Sit on the ground with the souls of your feet facing each other. Bring your heals as close to your backside as possible. Keeping your back straight lower your knees to the ground, use your elbows to increase the force you push downwards with. You should experience the stretch in your groin muscles


Splay your feet at 45 degree's, gradually increase the distance between your feet. Hold the stretch and then step further apart. You should experience the stretch in your groin (adductor) muscle.

To vary the stretch lean forward at the hips keeping your back straight, you should feel as slight change in the location of the stretch


Kneel down in a lunge position. Twist and bend through your torso placing the same hand on the ground as the front leg. You should experience a stretch in your groin muscle of the front leg. Change legs and repeat for the other side

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