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Prone Y's

Prone Y's aim to improve thoracic posture by strengthening the lower trapezius muscle. If you have a larger then normal hunch (kyphosis) in your upper back you may find this exercise too difficult. If this is the case try the prone cobra extension exercise instead. The lower trapezius can be activated through simple postural kews such as pushing your sternum forward and upwards. Drawing the shoulder blades down and back is also a function of the lower trapezius

Functional Benefit

Poor posture when sitting or performing exercises can result in an over active upper trapezius and a lengthened under active lower trapezius. Rounding the shoulders and allowing the sternum to drop brings the scapula closer to the base of the scull resulting in a shortened and over active upper trapezius. Pushing the chest out and shoulder blades back can help prevent this occurring. Exercise such as Bent over rows, prone cobras extensions, Prone Y's and reverse flys can help strengthen these muscles. Ensuring the scapula remains in the appropriate position is important in preventing shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injuries and neck problems

Exercise Technique Tips - Prone Y's

Don't arch your lower back instead keep the sternum in contact with the ground

Position arms at 45 degrees creating a Y shape with your arms and torso

Externally rotate hands, keeping thumbs up. Slightly draw back (retract) the scapula

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