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  • Upper and lower Trapezius
  • Rhomboids
  • Rear Deltoids

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Theraband Reverse Flys

Theraband Reverse Flys are a suitable exercise for beginners through to the advanced exerciser. If you have poor core stability or lower back pain the theraband allows you to still strengthen the upper back and rear deltoid muscles without having to perform bent over movements such as rows, reverse flys and deadlifts.

Strengthening the rear deltoids and rhomboids is of particular benefit if you're performing a large amount of push ups or pressing movements.  Theraband reverse fly are beneficial in helping to alleviate rounded upper back posture, and provided correct technique is remain they can be used with elderly clients to help restore range of motion and posture


Technique Tips - Theraband Reverse Flys

  • Retract the shoulder blades at the later stage of the movement
  • Ensure the hands at least reach the body on each repetition
  • Don't bounce, instead perform controlled repetitions
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