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  • Tensor Faciae latae
  • Gluteus Medius/Maximus
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Level 1 - Online Fitness Training

Lying Leg Abductions

 Lying Leg Abductions primarily strengthen the Gluteus Medius Muscle. This is a beginners to intermediate strengthening exercise for a higher degree of difficulty progress to side bridge leg abductions. Leg Abductions isolate the Gluteus Medius creating an effective strengthening exercise

Functional Benefit

The gluteus medius is involved in maintain hip alignment during walking and running. A dropping of the opposing side of the pelvis during stance can lead to lower back pain and ITB pain. Strengthening the Gluteus Medius is important for runners as they can easily develop knee pain due to a weak gluteus medius. 

Lying Leg Abductions
Leg Abductions Beginning
Lying Leg Abductions
Leg Adbuctions End

Technique Tips - Lying Leg Abductions

  • Keep your hips and chest facing forward
  • Keep your toes pointing forward and not upwards at the end stage of the movement
  • Focus on using your Glute (Bum) muscles to raise your leg
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