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Muscle Groups Used 

  • Gluteus Maximus/Medius
  • Leg Adductors

Similar Movements

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Split Lunge / Side Lunge

The Split lunge is a lateral version of the standard lunge. The majority of your body weight is placed on the lunging leg therefore more strength is required for this movement. There is an increased involvement of the deep external hip rotators to position the knee and over the toes during the movement.

Functional Benefit

The Split lunge or side lunge exercise lengthens the adductor muscles on the inside leg. Having tight adductor muscles prevents range of motion in the hips particularly in squatting type movements. The external hip rotators are also strengthen these muscles being important in preventing internal hip rotation and over pronation of the feet leading to possible knee injuries.

Exercise Technique Tips - Split Lunge

Keep weight on heel of the lunging leg

Keep the inside leg straight

Ensure lunging knee remains aligned over middle toes


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