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Muscle Groups Stretched

  • Pectoralis Major
  • Pectoralis Minor
  • Anterior Deltoid
  • Subscapularis

Related Stretches

Related Range of Motion Exercises

Doorway Pectoral (Chest) Stretch

Functional Benefit

A decreased range of motion in the Pectoralis Major and Minor can lead to a rounded shoulder position. This condition can often coincide with a tight subscapularis muscle (internal shoulder rotator cuff). This can increase the likelyhood of shoulder impingement with overhead activities and generally effect shoulder function.

What to do if you have reduced range of motion?

Ensuring full range of motion with exercises such as push ups and dumbbell flys will help keep the pectoral muscles at an optimal length. Introducing light full range of motion straight arm pulldowns can also lengthen the pectoralis minor muscle. Continue to exercise the external rotator cuffs, rear delts and rhomboids with reverse flys and lying external shoulder rotations. Use the Doorway Pectorial stretch and the Broomstick stretch



Find a doorway or a post. Position the inside of your elbow against the support. Turn your body away from the support. The stretch should be felt across the front of the pectorial and deltoid muscle



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