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Muscle Groups Stretched

  • Quadriceps (Vastus Lateralis, Rectus Femoris)

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Quadriceps Stretch

Functional Benefit

Tight quadriceps are closely related to tight hip flexors. The quadriceps muscle rectus femoris crosses the hip joint and produces hip flexion. Stretches for the quadriceps inevitable are stretches for the rectus femoris. The other 3 quadriceps muscle vastus lateralis, medialis and intermedius are unlikely to experience tightness as simply crouching with the knees in full flexion stretches these muscles to their maximum length. For more information on the effects of tight hip flexors see Hip Flexor Stretches



Lie on your side on a mat. Bend the top leg at the knee, grasp the ankle and pull the foot closer to your backside. The stretch shoulder be felt on the front and outside of the thigh

for an easier version of the stretch (see beginner 1 image) bend your hips bringing your knees closer to your chest

For a slightly increased stretch (see beginner 2 image) straighten your hips



Stand on one leg, grasp the opposing ankle or foot and pull you your heal towards your backside. Keep your hips pushed forwards by squeezing your glutes (bum) muscles



Kneel on the ground in a lunge position. Grasp the ankle of your back leg and pull the heel towards your backside. Push the hips forward by squeezing your glute muscle. If you find balancing difficult, place your front knee next to a post and use the post as support

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