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Deadlifts are a more advanced then the movement looks. An individual should be pain free in there lower back and confident with the bent over rows movement before progressing to deadlifts. You require strength through the Erector Spinae muscles and Psoas Major muscles which work to maintain a neutral spine under load. The movement prime movers are the hamstring and quadriceps muscles, with the rhomboids, erector spinae, psoas and trapezium muscles all isometrically contracting to keep you body in alignment.

Functional Benefit

The deadlift strengthens the posterior or extensor muscles of the legs, lower and upper back. These muscles typically become weak and shortened with prolonged sitting and slouching. Keeping the weight close to the shins at the bottom of the deadlift activated the lower trapezius and rhomboids. Provided the individual keeps correct form this can be a good posture improvement exercise. The hamstrings are active through out the movement making it a good functional strengthening exercise for sprinters and sports players. 

Those with neck pain and lower back pain should avoid this exercise

Technique Tips - Deadlifts

Pull Shoulder Blades back and down through out the lowering phase

Keep bar close to your shins

Maintain neutral lower back (non rounded) by focusing on producing anterior pelvic tilt

Weight Recommendations for a 15 repetitions load on Barbell Deadlifts  (Kg's)
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