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  • Tensor Faciae latae
  • Gluteus Medius/Maximus
  • Intrinsic foot muscles
  • Lower leg stabilizing muscles
Other Exercises working these muscle groups
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Standing Leg Abductions

Standing leg abductions isolate the Gluteus Medius muscle. The intrinsic foot muscles and ankle stabilizers will also be moderately active on the stance leg. Strengthening the gluteus medius helps control the contralateral pelvic drop during walking and running. A weak gluteus medius has been suggested as a contributing cause for ITB pain in athletes. Strengthening the gluteus medius may have further benefits in improving running economy and power transfer


Technique Tips - Standing Leg Abductions

  • Lift the exercising leg off the ground using the gluteus muscle of the opposing leg
  • Don't lean your torso or shift your weight to the side
  • Keep the toes pointed forward and not upwards to the sky
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