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  • Obliques
  • External Hip Rotators
  • Gluteus Medius
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Single Leg Theraband Twist

The Single Leg Theraband Twist aims to isolate the external hip rotators whilst training balance and coordination. Its important to keep the knee stable and aligned over the middle (3rd) toe. If the knee move inwards this indicates you are not activating the external hip rotators. Try to focus on turning the entire upper body rather then the arms as you twist.

If this exercise is too difficult the lying clam exercise is an easier alternative that strengthens similar muscles groups. For this exercise lie on your side and bend the knees to 90 degrees, then raise the top knee as high as possible keeping both feet together

Functional Benefit

The external hip rotators (Obturator Externus, Obturator Internus, Gemellus Superior and Inferior and Periformis) are located under the Gluteus Maximus (bum) muscle. These small muscles function to predominantly rotate the upper leg outwards (toes pointing away from body). Weak external rotators and tight internal rotators can contribute to injuries commonly seen in runners such as ITB pain or petellafemoral pain. Strengthening the external rotators with specific exercise like the single leg theraband twist can help prevent these injuries. Ensuring when you squat that the knees are correctly aligned, not turned in and squatting to a deep squat depth can also help to train the external rotators and stretch the internal rotators. The risk of Anterior Crutiate Injuries in sports will also be reduce when external rotator strength increases

single leg theraband twist technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Leg Theraband Twist

Bend front leg slightly

Focus on keeping knee stable and aligned over 3rd toe

Try to focus on using the deep Gluteal muscles to rotate your torso, rather then twisting the arms

Single Leg medicine Ball Throws

Single leg medicine ball throws are an alternative option to the theraband twists. Medicine ball throws challenge the same intrinsic foot muscles and external hip rotators. Using a medicine ball increases the difficulty slightly due to the unpredictability of the thrown ball

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