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Runners Strength session warm up

To begin each strength session complete the following warm ups drills. These drill have two primary purposes

  1. To increase blood flow and body warmth reducing injury risk 
  2. To work on common muscle imbalances scene in the majority of distance runners. The exercise have been formulated to lengthen some of the tight muscles of the hip and ankle joint and also strengthen important muscles on the mid back and hip. These drills can help to prevent overuse injuries and improve running technique and efficency

Run 3-5 minutes at steady pace

complete the below ciruit twice

  • Prone shoulder press - 20 repetitions (10 each side) - Purpose: Activate lower trapezius, pull back shoulders and reduce tension in neck and shoudlers when running
  • Lunge Rotations - 10 repetitions (5 on each side) - Purpose - Lengthen hip flexors and hip adductors.  Improved hip mobility can reduce pressure on the lower back and help with stride length
  • Lying Clams - 20-40 repetitions on each side - Strengthens the glute medius helping to improve running gait and reduce risk of ITB syndrome
  • Heal touches - 10 each side - Lengthens the soleus (deep calf) muscle and increases ankle dorsi flexion range of motion which can help reduce pronation in late stance and prevent calf tears

Your now ready for your strength training circuit

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