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Leg Enduro Strength & Endurance Assessment

The Leg Enduro Assessment is an indicator of your mixed program level. It combines both aerobic fitness and leg strenght in a challenging leg dominant workout. It is a great assessment for sports teams, runners and cyclists alike. The assessment requires measuring out a 65 metre course and a 10 metre course (for the side steps). The test lasts for 20 minutes and involves completing a 65m run up and a 65m run back, followed by 10 meters of side steps out and 10 metres of side steps back. You then perform 2 squats and 2 step lunges (1 each leg). Complete the run again and then the side steps again before completing 4 squats and 4 lunges (2 each side). This pattern (increasing the squats and lunges by 2) continues until you reach 20 squats and 20 lunges (10 each leg). From here if you still have time remaining you will complete the 20 squats and 20 lunges again before subtracking 2 from the number of squats and lunges. See image below.

What fitness level is this assessment suitable for?

Intermediate and advanced

Level 3 - Level 6


Markers, Measuring device, stop watch

Exercise Descriptions

Step Lunge

Body Weight Squats

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