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2.4km Run Fitness Test (1.5 mile)

The 2.4km Run or 1.5 mile run is an aerobic fitness test. The test is used as part of a battery of fitness tests in workplace fitness assessments and service industries involving physical competencies. The test requires finding a flat 2.4km course. This can be done using google earth, mapmyrun phone apps, using GPS watches or by running 6 laps of a standard 400 meter oval.

For this test to be effective the individual needs to cover the 2.4km course in the best time possible. This means running the test at a pace that leaves you feeling exhausted. It is a maximal test, meaning individuals with known medical conditions or with 2 or more risk factors for heart disease should not perform the test. To assess you current level of risk answer the questions on the Risk Factor Questionnaire

What does the 2.4 km test measure?

The primary purpose of the 2.4km run test is to measure aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness is important for our health, individuals with a low aerobic fitness level are more likely to suffer from diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. To learn about the importance of aerobic fitness and your health click the link.

Assessing your results

The below link contains a VO2 max calculator along with a interactive graph to compare your aerobic fitness level to population norms. There is also a bar graph containing the recommended opportunity fitness cardio program level for your current fitness.


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