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Single Leg Swiss Ball Hip Raises

Single Leg Swiss Ball Glute Raises develops strength and coordination in the Gluteal Muscles. The instabilty of the ball increases the activity of the gluteus and hip rotator muscles. This is beneficial as these muscles are usually only trained with lateral movements or external hip rotation movements.

Single leg swiss ball hip raises are a progression from hip raises on the ground. The exercise improves hip control more so then an ordinary lunge movement. The Erector Spinae (lower back) muscle is also active and the added instability of the swiss ball creates a good lower back strengthening exercise. Learning to activate the Glutes can be beneficial in individuals with tight hamstrings or those who find deep squatting and lunging movements difficult

Swiss Ball Hip Raises Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Leg Swiss Ball Hip Raises

  • Don't roll the swiss ball forward and backwards, instead endure it remains stationary as you raise your hips
  • Drive your hips up contracting the Glute (Bum) Muscle at the top of the movement
  • Don't arch your lower back instead keep the movement limited to your hips
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