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Level 2 - Online Fitness Training

Single Leg Hip Raises

Single Leg Hip Raises build strength Gluteus maximus and the Erector Spinae muscle. Single Leg hip raises are a progression from the double leg version. The next stage of this movement is progress to a full standing lunge. If your knees don't allow this you can continue with body weight squats and single leg hip raises to strengthen similar muscles 

Functional Benefit

The Erector Spinae muscle is important in maintain lower back position in an movement involving leaning forward with the hips such as what is seen in lifting. Strengthening these muscles in a non load bearing movement like single leg hip raises is a starting point for individuals with back pain. The Gluteus muscles are important in many movement functions this exercise teaches Glute muscle activation and also lightly strengthens the muscle.

single leg hip raise technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Single Leg Hip Raises 

  • Raise your hips as high as possible without arching your lower back
  • Contract Glute (bum) muscles at top of movement 
  • With the supporting (exercising leg) push through your heels rather then your toes
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