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Theraband Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Kickbacks strenghten the triceps muscle on the back of the upper arm. The movement is helpful for those wanting a strengthening exercise for the triceps but are unable to perform dips or who don't have access to other equipment. It is also an effective exercise for individuals with shoulder problems who may be unable to perform overhead or pushing movements. Kickbacks can be combined with theraband curls to work both the front and back of the upper arm

Functional Benefit

Isolated strengthening of muscles as seen in the tricep kickback is sometimes required in individuals with injury or beginners who are unable to perform more complex movements like push ups. Performing simple movements such as theraband pulls, triceps kickbacks and curls enables these individuals to elevate their heart rate and build muscle strength without risking injury

Tricep Kickbacks Technique

Exercise Technique Tips - Triceps Kickbacks

Keep shoulders back, chin tucked in and lightly draw in navel

Perform movement slowly, pausing briefly at the bottom position

Begin exercise with hands together, pushing arm away from each other as they extend

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